Lightweight Construction Company Ltd. - SIPOREX

Industrial production of this versatile building material was started in 1929 and it has been produced and used for building construction ever since. First in Europe and now world-wide. Here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, LCC Siporex Company was established in 1977 and has been producing Siporex - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete ( AAC ) material at our plant in the Second Industrial Estate, AlKharj Road. With our continued expansion of additional manufacturing plant to sustain the growing demand, our current total production capacity has intensified to about 350,000 cubic meters of Siporex AAC products per year. After more than thirty years and having used by several thousands of projects, LCC Siporex became the leading supplier of this truly amazing material not only within the kingdom but also to GCC countries, Yemen, Jordan, Sudan, Ethiopia and as far away as Djibouti, Taiwan and Japan. Builders, engineers, architects and contractors not only appreciate the excellent properties of Siporex, but also energy-saving and pollution-free techniques used in its production. In fact, Siporex manufacturing process produces neither polluting waste gases nor dangerous residues and there is no waste of costly raw materials.

Our Mission

  • Employing creative and competent people and working with quality suppliers.
  • Providing the best value and services to our customers.
  • Becoming an industry leader in operational efficiency.
  • Focusing our resources on relevant growth sectors of the Saudi economy and attaining leadership status by developing scalable and profitable businesses.
  • Enhancing our employees’ quality of life.

 Our Vision

  • To Excel in providing best-in-class solutions and quality product and services for our customers, and value growth for our stakeholders.

 Our Values

  • People: To attract, retain, and motivate highly talented employees, empower them and offer them challenging career paths in a healthy work environment.
  • Efficiency: To allocate resources in the most effective manner, avoiding wastage, and achieving optimal returns.
  • Customer Focus: To exceed customer expectations by continuously delivering to them the most relevant products and best service levels.
  • Respect & Fairness: To deal with customers, partners, employees, and authorities with the highest levels of integrity and respect, displaying fairness in all our interactions.
  • Quality: To maintain the highest levels of quality throughout our organization, and with all external stakeholders.
  • Society: To operate in a socially responsible manner.


Head Office in Industrial City II, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Benefits of using Siporex  Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) 



Siporex AAC weighs less than a quarter compared to conventional concrete. Due to the lightweight property of Siporex AAC, the foundation loads are greatly reduced resulting to big savings in the overall construction cost especially at areas having poor soil bearing capacity. Its light weight also means significant advantage in transportation cost.

Energy Efficient

Siporex AAC ensures pleasantly healthy and comfortable room temperature without the need for additional insulation. Its thermal insulation and heat retention offer a good protection against rapid cooling or heating up too much. This means lower power consumption in environmental management system.

Dimensional Accuracy

The production process guarantees the accurate dimensions of the panels and blocks that comprise the building system. This allows for a straight and plumbed walls resulting in less on-site trimmings and reduces the quantity of mortar and finishing materials required. The dimensional tolerance is ±3mm for thickness & width and ±5mm for length.


Siporex AAC products can be sawn, cut, slot, drilled, chased and nailed with ordinary woodworking tools which makes them easier to install than other building materials. This also simplifies the installation of electro-mechanical services and other utilities, which means more cost savings.

Resistance to Fire

Siporex AAC is totally inorganic and does not contain any combustible materials, which means it is resistant to fire. A 15 cm thick panel will resist fire for seven life-saving hours. Siporex AAC is ideal for firewall application and as protection for structural steel construction.

Speedy Construction

Siporex AAC has all the advantages of a precast system, i.e. eliminates shuttering, wet construction, curing, on-site testing & quality control resulting to reduced overall construction time and cost. It also requires minimal supervision and construction staff.

Acoustic Insulation

Siporex AAC meets the appropriate standards for sound insulation in house building, which means quieter and more comfortable interior. In industrial construction, Siporex AAC minimizes industrial noise pollution. The sound absorption of untreated Siporex surface is better than that of dense concrete.


Siporex AAC itself is ecologically harmless, since it neither contains gases nor fibers, it is neither dangerous to ground- water nor does it releases any radioactive radiation. No pollutants or toxic by-products are produced in the manufacturing process or even when subjected to fire.


Siporex AAC products do not contain any organic matter subject to deterioration and will not degrade even under severe weather conditions. Structures built several decades ago are still in active use today.

Quake Resistant

The low mass of Siporex AAC results to reduced total dead load of the building and consequently reducing the applied seismic forces to its structure. Structures built in earthquake zones such as Japan & Mexico have shown good resistance to seismic forces in actual practice.